Nota especial: Lancer Evolution Final Edition US0001 gets pricey in NY.

  • Nota: la siguiente información la recabé mientras escribía el artículo sobre el Mitsubishi Lancer EVO FE 2015 la cual omití para que la publicaran en el otro sitio en inglés el que ocasionalmente escribo, sin embargo, debido a la negativa de los editores, se los comparto por este medio. Ninguna otra página ha escrito al respecto, el contenido es 100% original.
The Final Edition is a tribute to the not so pretty car that won hearts for it’s dynamics and handling on and off road.
Mitsubishi didn’t bother much in keeping the Lancer Evolution updated over the years, that explains the lack of navigation and backup camera. The lonesome USB port is hidden in the glovebox. It has been practically the same car since 2008.
But this Final Edition is special with its engine 2.0L 4 cylinder tweaked to deliver 303 HP, the hood, front fenders and roof are aluminum, it has Eibach springs and Enkei rims. For all this, Mistubishi asks $37,995.
Because is a numbered edition with only 1,600 units available in the USA, Mitsubishi auctioned the very first one back in November to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. It had 35 miles on the clock and it sold for $46,200.
Now, 5 months and 4 miles later that same car is being sold in a New York City Mitsubishi dealer for the whopping price of $88,888, that’s over $50,000 of the MSRP and almost the double of what the auction brought.
«#1 vehicles always bring big money at auction houses…invest in the best with the #1 Evolution FE» reads the description. The questions are: Is it really an investment? Is it worth it? Will it sell for that price?
The Lancer Evolution was a good car but for that kind of money you can get a great car.
Ayúdenme compartiendo el contenido, no dejemos que editores con poca ética solo publiquen la información que ellos quieren.

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