Nota especial: VW: Now is the perfect time to bring the Amarok to the USA.

  • Nota: A falta de tiempo para escribir un artículo en santo Castellano, les comparto otro escrito que no quisieron publicar los altos mandos del sitio innombrable donde escribo en inglés.
Everybody knows VW is in big trouble: it can’t sell the vehicles it once were its best sellers: diesels. And people seemed not to be very interested in its gas lineup.
VW has a lifesaver but VW USA is unaware of that. Worldwide VW sells a medium pick up truck called Amarok.
Its main powertrain is a diesel engine. GM was able to fit a 2.4L Duramax diesel in its Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks. VW with its German engineering should be able to do the opposite: put a gas engine in the Amarok.
Americans love pick up trucks, even medium size ones, the segment is booming, and is no longer dominated by a decade old Toyota whose one rival was a Nissan just as old. No, the Tacoma is brand new for this year, the Colorado was named «Truck of the year» by a magazine 2 years in a row, GMC has the Canyon, Honda is resurrecting the Ridgeline looking like a regular truck, Hyundai showed a concept called Santa Cruz and even Mercedes Benz is testing the future GLT. Ford has promised a new Ranger is coming. Just Nissan still selling the outdated and obsolete Frontier.
The Amarok has all the styling or lack of found in the rest of the VW lineup, it has been updated and now offers a 3.0L V6 diesel with 221 HP, the other engine available is a 2.0L 4 with 178 HP. Again, VW could easily fit one of its gas powertrains and called it a day.
VW could build the Amarok at its Chattanooga plant to avoid the chicken tax and offer the first «German engineering truck» to help move some units.
Should VW sell the Amarok in the USA? Absolutely, if the brand wants to survive the dieselgate scandal, it better sell what the Americans buy the most: trucks.
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